Welcome to Goth events 


Each brand became a brand name when people start recognizing it on first look here we ensure better awareness of products, goods & services. From a product to a brand it is necessary both a quality of products and awareness. Events management, branding and promotion are the key function in awareness of products and brands. We are specialize in managing events, corporate events and product launch parties, Our events management and promotion package is made to keep things in mind that every products has its unique identity and need observation before to start promotion. So we observe each brand and product to make a unique theme for launch party.

Events Management

We are expertise for all kinds of events arrangement we make sure that events must have unique identity with warm welcome, unique design and themes.

From corporate events management to family events we always observe each and every step to give unforgettable experience.


From polio drops campaign to movies promotion and awareness, every products and service needs promotion, we do various activity in malls, pubs, road show, through web polls, quiz etc , we have many more way to promote a products.


Branding is the identity of any business, goods, service it is entire process from creating a unique name to logo, and designing logo on promotional products.

Branding aim to differentiate products from other products in the market, it deliver the message clearly, make a presence and attract loyal customers and motivate buyers.

Staff management

For a successful events and promotional package we need professional staff so we have promoter to for promotional package and hostess for welcoming,

Staff needs to interact with audience and getting feedback from them anchors, artist and celebrity presence make events memorable and attract media.